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Why Big Fat Apps?


Guaranteed approval by Apple and Google (you don’t have to worry and deal with the intricacies of the complicated approval process. We have excellent relationships with both Apple and Google ensuring success)


Sit back and relax while we do all the work (you don’t need to learn about coding or have worry about whether your app is being designed properly or not)


Your app will be live in 28 days and that’s guaranteed! (So you don’t have to sit and wait and wonder when it will be live)


Full expert training so you can be a professional even with out any technical skills or knowledge


24/7 Live chat support line gives you peace of mind no matter what time of day or night it is. (Never Leaving you alone or stranded)


Attending to every detail when making an app that you can be proud of. Thats what we do, with a passion.


There will be no additional costs as we provide: Free updates, Free POS material, Free Training, Free Support.

Any Business, Any Where
Big Fat Apps the Reliable & Trusted Choice



Top 10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Big Fat Mobile App


  • Generates targeted leads and engages in direct marketing.
  • Improves brand recognition.
  • Exclusivity.
  • Delights your customers.
  • Your competitors are using mobile
  • Your prospective buyers (and customers) are already on mobile.
  • Enhances your businesses image.
  • Portability.
  • Increases social media reach.
  • Drives sales and referrals.

Really Really Cool High Value Features – Referral Program


Referral Program

referral marketing

Reward your customers for referring your business to their friends and colleagues. Easily set up with 2 clicks all you have to decide is what to give and for how many referrals. Maybe a 10% discount for 4 referrals. The referral program gives you the chance to incentivise the person who has been referred to visit your business and get to know you. This can be something like a free product sample, free medical or fitness checkup. Easily set up in one click all you have to do is to decide what to offer as an incentive.

This is the cheapest and best way of acquiring new customers. What value do you place on a customer per year

WORTH £15 pw


Loyalty Scheme

loyalty program

Lots of companies do this so it is nothing new but for me I have lost so many little bits of card that I don’t bother any more as I never get the value but imagine this being digitised and keep on your customers phones. Easy to set up in two clicks and all you have to decide is how many times a customer has to buy before they get a reward and what that reward is.

Keeping your customers coming back increasing the lifetime value of a customer is the most profitable kind of business. And with a mobile app you don’t have to buy the bits of paper and the stamps and frustrate your customers who constantly lose them, like me.

WORTH £10 pw



geo targetting

This is one of the hidden secrets of our mobile apps, Let me explain. this is geographic circle that can be set up in your back offices and it can be as big or as small as you want. for example If you have a cafe in the town centre you can put a ring around your town or around your competitors business so that when any one come in to the town centre or moves close to another cafe your app sends them a message inviting them to call in at your business.

Can you imagine the power of this feature. The value of this feature is priceless in todays marketing world



Push Messaging

push technology

Send messages for free to all your app users, promote special offers, early bird offers, functions, events, new services, in fact absolutely anything. Schedule messages for future events or promotions and even send remote messages from anywhere in the world from you phone. Unlimited messaging and all for Free Saving you money and time

WORTH £10 pw


Hey, I got an app!

download the app

Just having a mobile app has a value for your business. It enhances your reputation, image and brand. Just like it was to have a website in the old days. Stand out from the crowd and let your customers know you can meet their preferred interaction needs.


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Mobile marketing using one of our mobile app that gives you automatic referrals and improved customer loyalty boosts your business and keeps you one step a head of the competition.


  • One easy to use back office.
  • Supports 5 locations.
  • Built for iPhone and Google Android.
  • Links to your website or any other web page.
  • Design and Set-up Only £149
  • Hosting, support and updates only £9.99 pw
  • No Technical knowledge needed
  • 24/7 Support

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