1. Are you lucky enough to have your social media networking really working for you?

Well now then ask yourself the following two questions and quantify how good your Social media is:

2. How many likes do you have on Facebook and followers on Twitter?

3. How many of your Facebook fans or followers on Twitter buy from you?

4. How many of your Facebook fans or followers on Twitter live in your locality?

5. So were you correct in the answer to the original question?

When a customer shares and recommends your business via the app they do so to people of the same demographics – similar age, social groups, locality and life style in fact someone saif your are the average of the five closest people around you so guess what? your client will refer your business to 5 people exactly the same as they are YOUR TARGET MARKET. This is what makes our app so powerful.

Having fun? – Lets continue:

6. When you write and post some thing on Facebook or Twitter what engagement do you get? ie How many people read and like your posts on Facebook or retweet / favourite your tweet?

When you send a message out via your app it gets read by 97% of YOUR customers. I am sure you will agree that the implications of this alone is staggering and will have such a positive impact on your business.

If you write on your Facebook business page you tend to get little to no engagement but when your customer shares a recommendation of your business with their friends on Facebook, Twitter or email they will inevitable engage more meaningfully about your business than you ever could. Our app incentivises your customers, (an army of sales people) who will rave about your business and create such excitement that people will be rushing to buy from you.

7. On average how much is a client / customer worth to you per year? and more importantly

8. What is the average lifetime value of your client / customer? 

Even selling lower ticket items such as typically found in a cafe the life time value of someone getting a coffee and the occasional sandwich on their way yo work or at lunchtime can mount up a daily visit during the week days with an average spend of £2.50 is £50 per month or £600 per year.

Your app with the loyalty programme keeps your customers coming back day after day, no matter what your business type is.

9. How much is it worth to you to acquire new customers and to retain them?