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Back in 2008, apps that were designed for smartphones and tablets began appearing in platforms of app distribution, operated by the owners of the respective mobile operating systems. When developing an app, it is very important for the developer to consider things such as screen sizes as well as hardware specifications. The UI (User Interface) design is an essential part of mobile app development and a considerable amount of time should be taken when considering to create a valuable User Experience (UX). In the current smartphone revolution, mobile apps are in high demand with mobile app developers producing apps for multiple businesses and services, including but not limited to GPS location-based services, games, banking, and medical. With the large number of apps pooling in the market, app review websites are coming up with an aim to make discovery of various apps easier. For this reason, when developing mobile apps, it is important to direct much effort into designing your User Experience. In our review on mobile app design, let us first see the reasons why any business, whether upcoming or established, needs a mobile app.

Reasons Why Any Business Needs a Mobile App

· For improving brand recognition and loyalty
· Engages in direct marketing while generating target leads
· Exclusivity from competitors · It drives sales, promotions and gives your business referrals
· Mobile apps have been seen to delight customers
· Your competition lies in the mobile app world; you do not have it, your competitor is using the same to boost sales and increase their customer base
· Mobile apps enhance your business image
· They are very portable and easy to use
· Increases your social media reach; a way to go for any business
· Currently, most of your buyers are using smartphones, so what’s a better way to reach out to them rather than by using mobile apps?

The Mobile App Design Process

1. Consultation This is the first step toward designing a reputable mobile app that will serve your clients right. In the consultation process, you can discuss with your app designer(s) about your business, touching on the details that are best captured in the mobile app. You then get to discuss the design requirements that the app would need whilst the designer(s) make suggestions of what more you can consider to be included in the app.
2. Gathering the Required Information All the information required as to designing the mobile app is gathered and pooled before submission to the capable hands of your designated app developer. Submission of the required information can be done online which saves much time. Now the work is to the developer.
3. Designing the Mobile App: The mobile app design team is set to start with their work, a continual process that goes on until they have their first prototype of your app. Details of how each different kind of app may vary from the platform that is used to the different kinds of apps that there are and the purpose that they serve. This can be discussed better with your app designer.
4. Approval for Satisfaction by the Client Once the prototype is ready, the developers’ team will send you the design for your approval or for review. At this point you can make any alterations and/or additions that you may need featured on your app. The developers’ team will then take this alterations to rebuild the app until you have a satisfying product.
5. Uploading the App Once the app is done, it is submitted to Apple and Google for addition to their store. This is the process that will avail the app to their smart devices, once approved for enlisting in the respective stores.
6. The App Goes Live The apps are now available on the Apple Store as well as the Google Play Store. You can now enlighten your esteemed customers to download the app and start enjoying the benefits that come along with it.

What Should a Great Mobile App Entail?

· Replacement of the basic loyalty cards and rolling out a brand new loyalty scheme based on the mobile app
· A display your price list(s) and/or service menu
· Marketing automation by use of scheduled push messages and other built-in offers
· A provision to send client reminders · Integration of your existing online booking system within the app
· A display of retail products / services found in your store
· A display of skills you and your workforce have
· Increased clientele base via social media marketing and referrals
· A way to generate reports and analytics for monitoring your business progress in order to review your marketing strategies
· Encourage current clientele to recommend you to friend via social sites; the appeal of the app plays a major role here.
· A Loyalty QR Code that customers can use to check in, redeem loyalty points more easily and track their spending. This is a great customer retention program.

Benefits of Engaging With Big Fat Apps for Your Mobile App Design Developing your mobile app with Big Fat Apps ( guarantees you of the following:

i) Guaranteed approval – you can rest assured that your mobile app will be approved in both Apple and Google stores without worrying of the complicated approval process. They have good ties with these corporates, ensuring easier and faster approvals.
ii) The app is well designed for you – you do not have coding knowledge? No worries, Big Fat Apps has you covered from beginning to end.
iii) Guaranteed live in just 28 days – you have a guarantee that your app will be up and running in slightly less than a month; that you can be sure about.
iv) Support – you have access to 24/7 chat forums, so you can raise a query any time of day or night.
v) Full Training – you get a full expert training with your app(s); you can be a pro even without the technical app-building expertise.
vi) Professional Design – every detail in the app is capture with utmost detail so that even a glimpse of it also pleases you.
vii) Costs are Inclusive – There are no additional costs involved once you have an agreed upon price. Updates, POS material, training, basic support are all free of charge.

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