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Big Fat Apps are a Mobile Apps developer. So what is mobile app development? Mobile app development is a set of procedures and processes involved in writing software for businesses, wireless computing gadgets such as tablets and smart-phones.

Frequent Asked Questions About Mobile Apps: Smart-phones and tablets are gradually becoming the computer of choice for most people and business, leaving software developer used to Personal Computer-sized application interfaces to wrestle with an entire new outlook. While we at Big Fat Apps have already made the transition, other developers need to get with the plan. What is the difference between web app development and mobile app development? Mobile app development is related to web app development and has its origin in more customary software development. However, one main difference is that mobile apps are frequently written particularly to take advantage of the unique features offered by mobile devices.
What are the benefits of mobile apps? Mobile apps have the following benefits:

  1. Increase visibility – researches show that an average person spends more than 2 hours a day on his/her mobile gadget. Although only a few apps make up the bulk of this whole usage, it does not change the fact that every user has to open, scroll ad scan their gadget for the application he/she is looking for. Being scrolled can be a benefit to a business, as human mind unconsciously records all the images as well as texts it comes across.
  2. Form a direct marketing medium – mobile apps serve various functions: they can offer general information, booking forms, prices, user accounts, search features, news feeds, messengers, etc. One of the main benefits of mobile applications is that all the info business owners would like to pass to their customers is right the fingertips.
  3. Offer value to customers – talking about easily accessible info, how about digitalising those loyalty programs? Instead of remaining with the old point collection card, mobile apps ensure that it’s possible for customers to collect their prizes through smart-phones. The result is more downloads as well as more return.
  4. Build brand and recognition – mobile apps for businesses can greatly contribute to brand awareness. Here, there are 2 aspects – both of which make mobile app development a true winner.

First is the brand – mobile apps are like blank billboard signs. Business owners can do whatever they want with them; they can make them stylish, functional, hip, informative or shocking. But what is important is to develop an app that has features which customers love, while at the same time is beautifully designed and well branded.
Second is recognition – the more regularly business owners can get clients involved with their apps, the sooner they will be persuaded to buy their services or products. How much time is required to care and feed of a mobile app? Mobile apps aren’t like micro-sites which can be taken down after a few months. The apps that do well in the market require users to return over and over again, and also require them to develop and refresh new content.

How many apps does a business need? Depending on what type of smart-phones the customers have, a business may need to develop various apps for various platforms. It can also dependent on the location of the clients. How do one set goals for hi/her app’s success? Properly analysing mobile apps’ success is actually based on what kind of analytics business owner set up in the beginning. Success rate can measured using the following criteria:

1. Frequency of visit – this shows how the app is being used by comparing number of users to number of visits over a certain period of time.
2. Duration of visit – this shows how much time users are spending on an app, by comparing number of visits and number of viewed pages.
3. Depth of visits – this is simply the amount of time spent on an app.
4. Bounce rate – this shows how many people have visited the app at one particular time.

What is unique about Big Fat Apps? There are a lot of mobile application analytics products in the market; however, here at Big Fat Apps, we help our clients to set good measurement techniques. What does the future hold? In the future, it is expected that most mobile app development efforts will focus on generating browser-based apps that are gadget-agnostic. Browser-based apps are simply webs that are built for smart-phone browsers. These webs are built to load easily over mobile network and have finger friendly navigation.

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