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Mobile Apps for Hairdressers

Smartphones are increasingly ensuring that the hairdressing industry is not left behind in the technological revolution. A mobile app for hairdressers is a great new way to open new marketing channels and connect with customers. 80% of businesses with mobile apps are customer friendly this is because most of them are already on mobile. It lets your customers know that you care about their needs by providing them with relevant information.

The following are reasons why hairdressers need a mobile app;

  • It helps to build your brand and recognition

Mobile apps for hairdressers have unique features that customers love. A mobile app helps you advertise your business to your prospective buyers. It helps you to showcase your different brands to your customers. Brand loyalty by customers will lead to your business being recognised. This increases revenues for your business. The app enables you to check your dairy, increase client base and add in new bookings at the palm of your hands.

  • Style libraries

A mobile app will help you create a style library that will help your customers pick out the style they want. The app helps you make a collection of photos for various styles using a photo gallery where customers can visit the library and they can then select specific hair styles.. A style library will help improve communications about style and also helps you get clear guidance of what the customers want.

  • Appointment remainders

A mobile app will help you send the reminders of your customers for regular appointments. It helps you to be proactive thus helping you to capture a number of customers who left your business and let go between appointments or the customers who have visiting you and are visiting other establishment. It makes appointment bookings easier. The push notification helps you communicate directly of seasonal discounts, offers and new launches to your customers. Increased appointments lead to an increase in yearly revenue.

  • Customer photos.

Mobile apps have features that let your customers take photos and then emailing them using their phones to you. This helps you to create a database of your customers photos for testimonial purposes, reference and advertising purposes. A photo will help a customer remember their previous hair styles and in case they want the same hair style, you will know what to do.

  • Loyalty programs and referrals

Mobile apps help you offer loyalty programs to your clients and is done through your users’ mobile phone or other devices. When a customer wants to make a purchase, they just pop open on your mobile app meaning that they hand you their device. You use your secret code to record the purchase and you will know when you reach your desired targets. A mobile app also helps to earn new customers organically through networks such as Facebook and twitter for example.

Make an informed decision by creating a mobile app for your hairdressing business. This will help reduce on costs and increase on the benefits for your business. The app will increase the revenues for your business while reducing operational costs as it eliminates paper index cards formally used to save clients contact information and their hair history. Move in now before your competitors do!

Contact Mark (Leeds), Sharlene (London), Louise (Hull), or Antony (Everywhere) to discuss your requirements for your new mobile app for your hairdressing salon.

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