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The best mobile app for nail bars

For starters, a nail bar is beauty salon that mainly offers nail care services such as pedicures, manicures and nail decorations. In most cases, they also offer skin care treatments. Those who work in nail bars are referred to as nail technicians or as some people call them manicurists or nailists in the layman language. These bars offer a variety of nail care services , which include fibre glass wraps or silk, acrylics, pedicures, French manicures, just to mention a few. Some nail salons offer some beauty services like facial treatments, waxing and general skin care. In some areas, nail technicians are obligated to have formal qualifications from a recognised organisation for them to acquire licenses for the salons.

In this context, I will talk about mobile apps for your nail bar. First off why would you need an app for your nail bar? This app can do a lot of wonders for your nail bar. Mobile app technology has moved up the ladder rapidly in the last few years, like every kind of business is reaping the technology’s benefits, do not let your nail bar lag behind. The app could integrate customers while orienting the new customers on what you offer.

With this app, customers will book appointments so easily, we can build the login, to your app in your booking database so that when your customers want to book an appointment, they can check your availability. However if you do not have an existing system, we can tailor it so that customers can secure an appointment by just sending an email direct from the app or hitting the call us button to reach you directly. This app also saves you the cost of texting your customers, this could be tedious, instead you could send a push notification via the app, which will reach all your customers using the app. Notify them on your offers, what you are promoting and maybe even the latest news. These push notification messages are unlimited and free! Quite a good deal you have there.

Imagine you have a new customer who does not know the location of your nail bar, how will she get to you, would you call her? Yes this scenario can create confusion and maybe even make you lose a customer, this mobile app for nail bars however, gives your customers detailed directions to your nail bar regardless of whether they are driving or walking. If you have multiple nail bars, it’s no problem at all, all the locations are displayed on your app and the customer has the liberty to decide which one to visit.

You can tell all your customers about your nail bar’s history, some of us are keen on these details, and information about your staff, maybe their experience. Also display your price list and services, this will get customers booking appointments and if you want to change a price or even add a service, you can update it at any time. Finally the most important part, you could show off your masterpiece. Select amazing photos displaying nails you have done previously, this will trigger customers to getting their nails done. As we all know, social sites have become very active, customers will definitely upload your photos on Facebook, Instagram or twitter, direct from the app. This just means more customers for you!

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